Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co.Ltd

Our partner company, Wulian, is a professional supplier of devices and solutions that function on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. An abundance of technological endeavors and a great deal of valued customer demand has contributed to the research and development of IoT sensors, controllers, mobile functionality, cloud computing, big data and more. Promoting and fostering the overall advantages of object sensing, learning and controlling, Wulian has quickly grown into one of the leading names in the IoT and smart home industries.

Wulian Smart Home products and solutions have already been applied to many major projects globally, resulting in significant support and technological strength for the construction of smart cities worldwide. Bearing the vision of helping people experience a smart world, Wulian has implemented a variety of solutions to help people from different fields obtain information in a more direct, unrestrained, equal way to eliminate information deviation.

In a world where the effects of climate-change are becoming increasingly severe, Wulian products apply low-carbon wireless networking solutions. Their environmentally-friendly way of approaching technology assists clients in creating a more energy-efficient society and economy.


Suzhou Information Technology Co. Ltd.

The Suzhou Information Technology Company specializes in research and development of internationally advanced, high-tech enterprises in the field of data leakage prevention, information security, active defense and other areas. The company has a top national security team composed of experts in data protection, anti-phishing, active defense, tanti-falsification, network monitoring and auditing. Suzhou Information Technology Co. has claimed a series of independent intellectual property rights based on their research results, which are based on many years in the field of information security for domestic industries, government, telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, energy, education,risk assessment, and consulting services.